Lewis River Introduction outtake

Close to Home

Sandy River

Jack Vaughn/Conservation International

Jack Vaughn - Kill The Gringo

Jack Vaughn - full

Clayoquot Sound

Clayoquot Sound Protests

Ian Gill

Ian Gill - 2

Dorothy Baert

George Patterson

George Patterson - 2

Peter Buckland on Cougar Annie's Garden

Clayoquot Sound outtakes

Sycan Marsh

Craig Bienz

Mahogany Mountain

Sycan Marsh b-roll

Salmon Nation

James Lavadour

James Lavadour b-roll

James Lavadour select pieces

John Craighead/Pine Butte Swamp

John Craighead

John Craighead - Inge versus Scarneck

John Craighead - Listening

Craighead whale hunting slideshow

Ecotrust Forests LLC

John Gordon - Forest Management, Ecotrust Forests, & A Solar Economy

John Gordon - A Solar Economy

John Gordon - At What Angle Do Tree Branches Grow?

Charley Dewberry - Forestry and Salmon

Charley Dewberry - Steelhead

Charley Dewberry - Cuttthroat

Charley Dewberry - Coho

Charley Dewberry - Chinook

Charley Dewberry - Dry Creek

Charley Dewberry - full


Gerald Amos - Kitlope Heritage Conservancy

Gerald Amos - Fishing for Food

Copper River

RJ Kopchak - full interview

RJ Kopchak - Difference between Farmed and Wild Salmon

RJ Kopchak - The Paranoid Fisherman

RJ Kopchak - Exxon Valdez oil spill

Bill Webber - Webber Marine & Manufacturing, Inc.


Hambleton Lumber Co

Sea otter in Cordova, Alaska harbor

Sea otter in Cordova, Alaska harbor

Wood beetle

Yachats Oregon fly over

Copper River aerial - sped up

Tokeland Washington

Skamokawa Washington

Alvaro Ugalde - unedited

Alvaro on Rincón de la Vieja

Dan Janzen - on the future of DNA barcoding

Dan Janzen - unedited

From nice kitty to kill cat in no time flat

Doug Tompkins - unedited

The New, New Deal

People of Cache - Four Decades Working for the Environment

Setting a halibut skate

Timelapse of pulling a halibut skate

Setting a gillnet

Timelapse of setting a gillnet

Bud and Silver Creek

Moon rise

Salmon Nation Racing

People of Cache 2



tractor 4 kn

Fishing on the Ocean Wind

August rain

2009 videos

2009 photos

Middle Fork John Day River Restoration

2 TMac

Kitlope 2009

Swimming with Sockeye

Salmon spawning on the Salmon River, Oregon

Dyeing with Alder Bark

Aldrich Point thinning

Dave Morine - Don't Worry About The Money

Catch Shares at Congress

in progress

Kolpakova 2007